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Star Wars: The Last Jedi
movie review
Spoiler Alert!

movie review
Spoiler Alert!
Friday, December 15, 2017

This is a movie review of Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

If you have not seen the movie, do not read this.

This is your final warning.

movie review
Star Wars
Episode VIII: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi (SW8) is so much an echo of the familiar, that even what wasn't said was said.

SW8 opens with the rebels evacuating their base, attacking a dreadnought, and getting away. But they were followed in hyperspace through some technobabble about the lead ship tracking them. They make multiple jumps and are running out of fuel. The Imperial ships then just sit and fire at them from a distance. Maybe I missed something. Space quicksand or something. Or it just is, like bombs falling from bombers in space.

SW8 would've been a better movie with tighter editing. Edit out Imperial squabbling, space quicksand, “let's go Chrome Dome”, the steam iron, tiny tim, and wandering the island waiting for nothing to happen.

I'm no Star Wars expert or fanatic. I like Star Wars and Star Trek -- a la carte -- taking favorite parts and leaving the rest. So maybe I'm getting things wrong, but didn't we already learn Rey and Ben were the twin children of Han and Leia? I must be mistaken.

Hey, Leia can fly through space! Ancient Kryptonian probably, but we won't find that out until Disney buys Time Warner properties, which includes DC comics, home of Superman. That won't happen for several years as Disney just bought the Fox properties. Star Wars 9 is expected out in 2019, so it might be in time. Maybe Han made it so Leia wouldn't get frozen in carbonite and that saved her from freezing in space.

The Luke Skywalker and Rey Solo scenes were the highlight of the movie. Except in the back story about Luke going into the tent with a lightsaber as a flashlight to check on Ben, who does that? A moment of weakness?!? And then it's the old who-lightsabered-first debate.

Ben doesn't know where Luke is, except the training place looks like where Luke is, or did I miss something again?

In the prequels, the Jedi temple held the Jedi library which was electronic with star maps and such. Luke has been babysitting a handful of holy books until he decides to burn them. Nothing like sitting by a holy book burning fire with an old dead friend.

SW4 talked of the Force as “hokey religions and ancient weapons” and “you, my friend, are all that’s left of their religion.” The prequels backed off of the Force as a religion and went biological, with Qui-Gon Jinn telling Anakin Skywalker, “Midi-chlorians are a microscopic life form that resides within all living cells.” In SW8, Luke dismisses the Jedi and burns the holy books (not really).

Apparently the top concern of George Lucas after selling Lucasfilm to Disney in 2012, was the Force being “muddled into a bunch of gobbledegook.” Well, no worries, because the religion has been burned out of the Force, and the last Jedi has died. Everything in that sentence is wrong. Unless Rey is the last Jedi.

For all the talk in the movie, everything is vague.

Dead is only mostly dead, with all the Jedi apparitions laughing by the fire.Star Wars - The Last Jedi - 3 stars

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