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Cambridge Analytica's proxy war
Robert Mercer and Steve Bannon against democracy
spanked with a rolled up copy of Forbes
and other signs of March

President Spanky's Dark Ages
March 28, 2018

President Spanky has gone dark on the Stormy Daniels affair. His tweeting bird has lost its chirp.
Spanky's 2006 Forbes magazine will be in the Trump Presidential museum
With the departure of Washington attorney John Dowd from Spanky's Russia no-collusion legal team last week, and a rejection Monday from Dan Webb, a former U.S. attorney in Illinois, the legal team has promoted Jay Sekulow's assistant. Andrew Ekonomou, 69, the promoted assistant, has a doctorate in medieval history. Ekonomou's dark ages book, Byzantine Rome and the Greek Popes (A.D. 590–752), lacks an introduction, has no conclusion, and “never quite articulates a thesis or situates itself in the scholarship,” according to reviewer Thomas Noble of the University of Notre Dame.

The dark ages return like a stutter.

Music Association: Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon
Humor Association: Not too long ago, research scientists decided to switch from conducting research on rats to conducting research on lawyers, giving 3 reasons -
          1. There are more lawyers than rats.
          2. Researchers sometimes became too emotionally attached to rats.
          3. There are just some things a rat wouldn't do.

Hopes and Dreams

Signs of March
March 25, 2018

March For Our Lives to end gun violence, Washington DC, March 24, 2018

March For Our Lives to end gun violence, Washington DC, March 24, 2018

March For Our Lives to end gun violence, Washington DC, March 24, 2018

Music Association: Coldplay - Warning Sign

March For Our Lives
March 23, 2018

March For Our Lives will have marches tomorrow across the country to end gun violence. The largest may be in Washington DC, but two marches will also join up at the Minnesota State Capitol tomorrow at 9am and 10am.

  *  March For Our Lives, Harriet Island to Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul (9am)

  *  March for Our Lives Black Truce, Sears to Minnesota State Capitol, 425 Rice St, St Paul (10am, wear red, black, or green)

Idea of Doing Nothing Until Next Shooting Gains Traction

smoking gun with US Capitol chamber by Harry Campbell

Music Association: Haley Bonar - Candy Machine Gun
Twin Cities Calendar for March 24, 2018

Cambridge Analytica ran the media and TV campaign for Donald Trump

The Puppeteers
Cambridge Analytica Invented 'Crooked Hillary'
March 20, 2018

Ever wonder how the Russian Troll Farms got the insight into the minds of Wisconsin and Ohio and Pennsylvania?

I did.

Britian's Channel 4 answered that by introducing Cambridge Analytica, the poison pen dipping into the inkwell of Facebook user data. Cambridge Analytica and its former Vice President Steve Bannon took search data and user profiles collected by Facebook and used that data to motivate people to vote, or in the case of Bernie Sanders supporters, not to vote. Cambridge Analytica ran Trump's digital and television campaign.

Cambridge Analytica ran Trump's digital & television campaign

Channel 4 masqueraded as political candidates from Sri Lanka to secretly interview Cambridge Analytica executives, who boasted they got Trump elected. They invented the Crooked Hillary slogan.

Cambridge Analytica created the Crooked Hillary slogan

Cambridge Analytica used 'activist' groups to spread their messages

Channel 4's investigation of Cambridge Analytica's proxy war for Trump is on their YouTube channel:

  *  Video 1 - Cambridge Analytica: Whistleblower reveals data grab of 50 million Facebook profilesepic fail

  *  Video 2 - Cambridge Analytica boss under fire from MPs

  *  Video 3 - Cambridge Analytica Uncovered: Secret filming

  *  Video 4 - Cambridge Analytica Undercover Secrets of Trump's Data Firm

  *  Video 5 - Adam Schiff interview on Cambridge Analytica

The psychological data mining and fake news creators at Cambridge Analytica have a spin-off.

Emerdata, a new company in London's Canary Wharf, has been set up with Alexander Nix, the former CEO of Cambridge Analytica, and Robert Mercer's daughters. Nix is listed as a director, as is Julian Wheatland, chairman of Cambridge Analytica parent firm SCL Group (at the same Canary Wharf address). Wheatland set up Emerdata along with Cambridge Analytica's chief data officer, Alexander Tayler. Robert Mercer funded Cambridge Analystica with $15 million and funded the conservative news site Breitbart with $10 million.

Music Associations: Abba - Knowing Me, Knowing You & Dire Straits - Industrial Disease
plus Cee Lo Green - F*** You

Cambridge Analytica

Hopes and Dreams

And Now This -
Bundo Book Tops Amazon

March 19, 2018

Marlon Bundo book

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver presented a new book last night by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss and illustrations by EG Keller: A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo.

This better Marlon Bundo children's book is about Vice President Mike Pence's bow-tie wearing pet rabbit, a boy bunny who falls in love with another boy bunny.

The combined e-book, hardcover, and all-star audio book became Amazon's best selling book today.

Last Week Tonight's proceeds will be donated to The Trevor Project and AIDS United.

[Edit - By Tuesday, March 20th, the first printing of the hardcover had sold out. A second printing has been ordered.]

Music Association: Ray Anthony - The Bunny Hop

A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo

Don't Even Bother Counting
Putin Wins Election
March 18, 2018

Vladimir Putin executed another election win as Czar of Russia.

You could say he killed his opposition.

Music Association: Boy Meets Girl - Waiting For A Tsar To Fall

Impact Investing

Holiday Gifs of Cats and Kittens Part 1   Part 2   Part 3   Part 4   Part 5  

Southdale Hennepin Library

Wonder Woman

Food Fraud

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