Paper Photograph Cubes

These are JPG pictures that can be cut out and folded into cubes!

Cube of the Minnesota Capitol    IDS cube     

1.    Print out the picture before trying to fold it.
       You don't want to break your monitor or handheld device by trying to fold it.
2.    Make sure your print is sized to fit your paper.
3.    Cut out the unprinted page from the cube template.
       Neatness counts here as well as other parts of your life.
4.    Fold the paper between the pictures and between the tabs.
       Keep the printed side of your page on the outside of your cube,
       otherwise your cube will be all white.
       "This is a picture of a snowstorm."
       "This is a picture of Eggshell White paint."
       "This is a picture of my laundry after using new Color-Fade Liquid Bleach!"
5.    Ask an adult for some glue. If you are an adult, you will have to get it yourself.
       I'd get it for you, but I'm not there.
6.    Before even opening the glue (or paste), take a look at your cut out - folded paper.
       One of the sides has more tabs, and one has none.
       Start gluing the side with the most tabs and end with the side with the least.
       If you are making a gift box (very thoughtful of you), do not glue the side with no tabs;
       use a little tape instead.
       If you are trying these instructions on a Dodecahedron (coming soon!), you may
       want to start by practicing on a cube.

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