Perfect Zoo by Hopes and Dreams

Como Zoo - "Blooming Butterflies"
(June 6 - September 7, 2008)

Como Zoo - butterfly tent Butterflies can READ?!?butterfly view out tentOwl butterflyBlue Morpho

The Blooming Butterflies exhibit at the Como Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota encompasses 3,000 square feet in a caterpillar-like tent with some of the following butterflies:
blue morpho
common mormon
emerald swallowtail
giant swallowtail
green triangle
mourning cloak
owl butterfly
paper kite
red admiral
small postman
white peacock
zebra longwing

Butterflies subject to availability.

The Como Zoo has outdoor gardens designated as monarch butterfly way stations. One monarch snuck into the butterfly tent during my visit to socialize with the other butterflies... a social butterfly.

The appearance of the huge caterpillar-like tent has impressed several passing butterflies, while others sped off to the Como Park Optometrist.

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