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Price of Gasoline
Pigs Eye Gas Prices
Price of a Gallon of Milk
                $ 4.49
Utility Price of Water
                $ 1.75 per 748 gallons
Price of Electricity
                $ 0.06 per kWh
Price of Natural Gas
                $ 0.76 per therm
Cost of the War in Iraq
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The Big Story  

Hopes and Dreams is a novel about inventing the self-driving car and figuring out how to live happily-ever-after and getting into trouble without really trying.

The story takes place in Pigs Eye and Milltown, Minnesota -- the Twin Cities. From there it drives around Minnesota and across Wisconsin and down to Chicago and back again, crushing a giant pop can in the process.

Check the Big Story for details.

Pictures around Pigs Eye

Pigeon art on skyway glass

 Pigeon Art

Pigeons make impressionistic art on the glass of skyways. Minneapolis and St. Paul skyway workers are quick to clean the windows only to have pigeons create body art on the glass.

According to a maintenance worker at the IDS Tower, the pigeons tag the glass faster than it can be cleaned.  Chased by hawks, the pigeons smash into the glass hard enough to leave a dust and oil mark and then are either caught or fly off in a daze. Sometimes they sacrifice themselves for their art.

Twin Cities Calendar

There are two seasons in Pigs Eye... winter  and construction.

It's construction season, also known as summer. Time for sunscreen and summer fairs and outdoor concerts at Peavy Plaza in Milltown and Harriet Island-Raspberry Island in Pigs Eye.

We've scoured the Twin Cities for an eclectic calendar that hardly leaves you enough time to do your own stuff.

Twin Cities Calendar