Pigs Eye - Saint Paul 

This is another peaceful day in Pigs Eye.

Yeah, it says that it's St Paul, but it's Pigs Eye.

Milltown - Minneapolis
After taking this picture of Milltown, I looked for another view two blocks away. Near a fence there was a boulder, about the size of a small car. Next to the boulder was a discarded blanket. I was about to hop up onto the boulder, when I noticed that the blanket covered an area about the size of a person's body. This raised my sense of responsibility. Next to the blanket were some neatly placed sneakers... in better condition than my own sneakers. This lowered my sense of responsibility. I left them alone.

The Snowman of North St Paul
The Minnesota Department of Transportation has been very careful not to harm the North St Paul icon -- the giant, all-weather snowman -- during the Highway 36 construction.

Very thoughtful of MN-DOT.

Is this the same MN-DOT that plowed through the sacred, Hiawatha trees near Minnehaha Falls?

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