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Hate Not
plus Florida Wind, Everyday Rain, the Palu Tsunami & Trump Paper

Hopes and Dreams

Don't Be Afraid... Don't Be Very Afraid
October 31, 2018

A pirate hobbled in this morning with some sort of orange gourd strapped over one of his eyes.

I asked him, “What's that on your face?

Arrgh, yes,” he replied, “it's me pumpkin patch!

Start a list of all the things you hate about yourself, you know, the way you drive, the way you talk before thinking, wait this should really be in list form because it will get kind of long, so it was...
the way you drive (sometimes)
that you don't have enough money
the way you talk before thinking (sometimes)
that look you're giving me right now

Now do a list of all the things you hate about others, you know...
the way they drive (sometimes)
that they have too much money
what they say (sometimes)
that look they give you

Take the list about you and make it about them and take the list about them and make it about you.

You and them. Them and you.

When I was a kid, I used to say “I hate...” (something) and my mom would say, “Don't waste your hate.

She implied that hate was valuable, but I don't think that's what she meant.

None of those things you listed about you or them is worth the hate. Imagine you are on your deathbed...

Wait a second, spellcheck recognizes “deathbed” as a thing but not Arrgh? Deathbed? Can you go into a Bed Bath & Beyond store and buy a deathbed?!? Certainly a deathbed would satisfy two of the three conditions of Bed Bath & Beyond as both a bed and the launchpad to the beyond. Somebody famous recently died in the bath. Does that make it a deathbath? Spellcheck says no.

So imagine you're on your deathbed or in your deathbath. Do you think you will really care how much money you had compared to somebody else? Or how you rated as a driver?

Researchers interviewed people on their brand new deathbeds about life regrets, and most people had regrets relating to love and relationships and connections.

People were dying for more love, not for more hate.

When you are dying, you will no longer be afraid. Fear drives hate. Stop being afraid now. Stop hating.

no hate

Music Associations: Pink Floyd - Us and Them
& Blue Öyster Cult - Don't Fear The Reaper

Happy Halloween

Hopes and Dreams

Significant Others
October 25, 2018

... Too Late

Late at night when deliriousness meets the mattress, my better half and I get silly.

It's never the same, almost never planned, usually something started by me but the best stuff starts without me and I just twist it into some origami of ridiculousness. I have no improv training and hardly any theater experience except for all these years of goofiness. I play things straight, and she couldn't be straighter. I practically only laugh when she does, and last night I couldn't stop laughing.

What it was about doesn't matter. It really doesn't. It's about the quick back and forth more than anything. It's a special language.

The best health care, mental health care, and life care is a great loving, understanding, and over-the-top comedic relationship.

I just wish more people had someone to get goofy with and laugh until it almost hurts.

Music Association: The Spaniels - Goodnight Sweetheart

Hopes and Dreams

By The Numbers
Florida Wind Map
October 14, 2018

With the devastation of Hurricane Michael, it is interesting to learn that the Florida Building Codes say Michael took a wrong turn.

The Florida Building Code says different parts of Florida have different wind speed requirements. The Florida Keys might have to withstand 180 mph wind gusts. Miami only has to withstand 160 mph wind gusts. And Mexico Beach only has to withstand 130 mph winds. Michael got up to 155 mph. Still, most of the damage occurred to older structures.

Florida building code - wind gusts

Hurricane Michael may have “damaged” the statue of Nathaniel Greene in Savannah, Georgia by putting googly eyes on it. Savannah police are looking for whoever vandal-eyed the statue or any eye-witnesses.
googly eyes

Music Association: Madness - Our House (In The Middle Of The Street)

Hopes and Dreams

Everyday Rain
October 8, 2018

We've had rain, misty rain, all-out downpours, and drizzle.

A week ago I heard Minnesota soybean and corn farmers needed a clear day to harvest the crops.

They have not had it. It hasn't rained all the time, but there also hasn't been a clear day to dry up muddy fields.

Climate change maps show a wetter Minnesota -- a crop damaging, business and home damaging wet.

Music Associations: Carpenters - Rainy Days And Mondays
                                Prince - Purple Rain
                                Cascades - Rhythm Of The Rain
                                John Fogerty - Have You Ever Seen The Rain?
                                John Fogerty - Who'll Stop The Rain?
                                Beatles - Rain
                                Creed - Rain

Hopes and Dreams

I'm rubber, you're glue...
Trump Paper
October 5, 2018

President Donald Trump with toilet paper on his left shoe.
Yesterday, on his way to Minnesota of all places, this happened. Toilet paper was stuck to President Trump's shoe on his way up the stairs to Air Force One.

Yet the Internet thinks it was the Constitution that was stuck to his shoe. Or his tax return. Or the New York Times investigation into the half billion dollars Fred Trump put in his son Donald's name to avoid taxes. Or else TP stands for trade partnerships.Trump Paper

The next president will have a tough act to follow.

Music Association:  Koethe - What You Left Behind
Movie Association: Wag The Dog

Hopes and Dreams

In Indonesia
Quake, Tsunami, & Rubble Claim 1349 Lives
October 3, 2018

At least 1,349 people in Palu have been killed by the combination of a ground-liquifying 7.5 magnitude earthquake, a huge tsunami funnelled into a bay, and raining rubble.

Palu is a city on the island of Sulawesi, the world's 11th largest island.

About 200,000 people are without food and shelter.

Music Association: Alabama Shakes - Hold On

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