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Native American Tribal Leaders meet Minnesota Representatives

The picture above shows Speaker of the House of Representatives Melissa Hortman with 11 Native American tribal leaders:
Kevin Jensvold, Upper Sioux Community
Charlie Vig, Shakopee Mdewakaton
Shelley Buck, Prairie Island Indian Community
Robert Larsen, Lower Sioux Community
Sam Strong, Red Lake Nation
Alan Roy, White Earth Nation
Cathy Chavers, Boise Forte Band of Chippewa
Melanie Benjamin, Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe
Marie Spry, Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa
Faron Jackson of Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe
Kevin Dupuis, Fond du Lac Band

Tribal leaders are looking for better relations with Minnesota state and local governments, respect of tribal sovereignty, treaties honored, as well as issues specific to individual tribes, such as foster care on the Grand Portage reservation.

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Hopes and Dreams

Another Trump Schedule Leaked!
Leaker Undetoured By Threats

February 11, 2019

Another schedule of President Trump's lack of activities (pdf & txt) was published yesterday by Axios.com covering Monday, February 4 through Thursday, February 8, a full Trump Administration week.

Monday's schedule had four hours and fifteen minutes of executive time (upright naps). On Tuesday, Trump had seven hours and fifteen minutes of executive time. On Wednesday, he had six hours and forty-five minutes of executive time. Thursday had three hours and forty-five minutes of executive time.

The leaker of the schedules said:
They can't blackmail me with an investigation. If they want to blackmail me, they have to get in line. The Russians are in line. The Russians love lines. Nobody does lines better than the Russians. The schedules show how busy I... this White House is... no White House has ever been busier.

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Trump's Schedule Leaked!
Description of #1 Suspect!

February 10, 2019

The White House is slowly investigating the leak of President Trump's schedule (pdf) from late 2018 and into February 2019.
Trump helmet hair weave
A redacted version of the President's schedule was posted by Axios.com a week ago. The administration is embarrassed because the schedule shows vast stretches of “executive time” (upright naps) in the Oval Office. Most days start with executive time from 8am to 11am, after the oldest President gets dressed, weaves the helmet hair, and takes the elevator down. There's a short meeting with the chief of staff or someone. Lunch in the private dining room takes an hour, followed by at least 15 minutes more of executive time. The President's hair helmet and suit prevent horizontal naps. Everything would get mussed up. The schedule shows the President has spent around 60 percent (297 hours and 15 minutes out of 502 hours) of his schedule on unstructured “executive time.”

The White House has a description of the leaker: 72 year old male with day glow orange skin and an i-Phone he refused to give up despite security risks (eavesdropping). The White House does not believe the leaker knew what he was doing and does not believe the leaker intended malice toward the President. The White House is hesitant to have the FBI investigate the leaker.

Neither the Republicans nor the Democrats are concerned about how much down time President Trump has.

The Republicans have been willing to ignore everything about Donald Trump so long as he signs their bills and executive orders.

The Democrats want less presidenting from President Trump anyway. They would recommend more sleep for Trump, not less.

President Trump's executive time in the oval office

President Trump's schedule of executive time

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