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Oriental Trading Company

One rubber ball is fun. A bag full of rubber balls is way more fun.

With over 25,000 items, the Oriental Trading Company is the place for a quantity of toys and other interesting merchandise, including holiday-themed items for the next major or minor holiday. It also has party items and teaching supplies.
Johnson Smith Company
Things You Never Knew Existed
The Johnson Smith Company has weird stuff and good gifts.
Things You Never Knew Existed! #########

The creativity is more built-in with their products than with items found at the Oriental Trading Company.
OpenOffice Writer
Having previously watched Microsoft Word lock up and wipe out documents, I wrote my 592 page novel Hopes and Dreams: Stuck on AutoDrive with OpenOffice Writer.  OpenOffice Writer performed just the way any book writer would want it to perform. I never lost any work. OpenOffice Writer never had a problem with the single 592 page document. And upgrading from OpenOffice 1.6 to 2.1 was a seemless transition.
Get OpenOffice
Mozilla Composer
This website is created with Mozilla Composer and with some HTML and CSS editing.
Firefox and its cafeteria-style add-ons is also recommended.Firefox 2
This website is hosted at MidPhase.  Like anything else, shop around for what you need and want in a host. I did. MidPhase offers a good plan at a decent price. Take a look.
Graphics Generators Make a Bart Simpson chalkboard
Make candy hearts
Make a cartoon - make a cartoon
Make a concert ticket
Make a dictionary entry
Make a diploma
Make a Dummies book cover
Make an Einstein picture
Make a logo - make a logo - make a logo
Make a map of countries you've visited
Make a motivational poster
Make a newsletter
Make a newspaper clipping
Make a photo into Polaroid
Make a receipt
Make a road sign
Make a seal
Make a sign
Make a Star Wars logo
Make a Stephen Colbert on notice board
Make a street sign
Make a theater sign
Make an Uncle Sam poster
Make a United States map
Make a vinyl record label
Make a wanted poster
Make web economy bullshit (text generator)
Buy a book. Read a book.
Hopes and Dreams: Stuck on AutoDrive
Barnes and Noble
Buy a book. Read a book.
Hopes and Dreams: Stuck on AutoDrive

Dr. Melvin Vagues, M.A.D., of the Teska Lab at Minnesota University (Go Moo!) has discovered that reading actually transforms the mind into a creative monster that can tackle any problem with teams of possibilities and solutions, giving the reader the ability to understand the world in a way that Atlas, an expert at standing under the world, could only imagine.

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